Roka my new favourite sushi restaurant in London?

Last night me and Vendela decided to try out a new sushi restaurant here in London. We have been so boring lately going to the same restaurants, so yesterday we decided to try out something new. I asked my friends and everyone said we must try Roka which is a Japanese restaurant. Also, it is the sister restaurant of Zuma. I had really high expectations since Zuma is one of my favourite sushi restaurants in London.

We decided to start of by ordering a bottle of champagne, can’t have enough of champagne I love it and it goes perfect with Japanese food!

We decided to start by ordering in fatty tuna sashimi, I know it might not look special but I promise it is AMAZING. We also ordered fried shrimp that came with chilli mayo.


After our staters, we ordered 3 different maki rolls. Shrimp and avocado, spicy tuna and California roll. I must say the California roll was the best roll I have ever had in my entire life.

Make sure that if you go to Roka you must try their sashimi and California roll. This was a perfect end of a Monday night.


Christmas party

My friends Vendela and Alex decided to have a Christmas party for 20 of their closes friends last Friday. I was the first one to arrive and when you entered the door you had to take a shot that almost tasted like liquorice. Later on people started to arrive, we drank hot shots, jelly shots and mulled vine. Around 10.30 everyone left to go to Maggies that is a bar down in Chelsea. I had so much fun thanks to Vendela and Alex, the best party hostesses in London.


If you do not know what hotshots is, it is Galliano, coffee and whipped cream.. ahh can’t have enough of them,.fd14053584565ef7d061c338569fd1a3

These were the liquorice shots everyone had to take before they entered the apartment.99daf717f17d0a1e8d9580a29dd4016f

They also had an open gin and tonic bar with two types of gin, tonic water, lime, lemon, cucumber and pepper.

Cecilia and her boyfriend wearing Christmas accessories. I don’t know if you can see, but I was wearing Christmas earrings that were twinkling.

44e489f0e03c3fbf4e9ea20cfdc40e97Thank you girls for fixing an amazing Christmas party!!


Regular day in my life – London edition

I thought it would be interesting for everyone to see how a normal day is for me here in London. It is actually very different from the life I used to I live in Sweden before I moved to London. In Sweden I worked 9-17 at an office and I met my family everyday. Coming home to a home cooked meal and always having someone to talk to. While here in London I Live by myself in an apartment and rarely see my family at all.

This is what a normal day in London for me looks like:

I usually wake up around 8/9 depending if I have a morning class or not. This day I did have a morning class so I had to wake up at 8. The first thing I do in the morning is to shower, do my makeup and get dressed. Once that is done I do myself a cup of coffee and breakfast. This morning I made eggs and toast.


At 8.45 I had to leave for class. Since I live 15 minutes walking from university I usually walk. I had class from 9-13 and after that I walked down towards Oxford street.


Regent’s university is so close to my favourite area of London (Marylebone) I just love to walk around there and look at all the small boutiques on Marylebone High street. After walking around in Marylebone I walked down to Selfridges to check out the Christmas decoration and all the goodies in the stores.. ahh I just want to buy everything.


Walking in Marylebone.. so many beautiful buildings


Of course I had to look at the sunglasses!


Could not decide if I wanted to buy a Valentino or an Off white bag..

After spending about 3 hours around Oxford street I decided that it was time to go home and study. Oxford street can be a bit hectic sometimes, especially now around Christmas. Once I got home I made myself a cup of coffee and did some coursework. Later on I decided to order some pizza from Uber eats. A good way to end a day.


I usually go to bed around 11 and that is what I decided to do today as well.

How does a day in your life look like? Please leave a comment bellow!



The W hotel

Yesterday I was so bored, so I texted my friend Vendela to see if she wanted to do something later in the evening. We decided to try out a bar neither of us had been to before. It is called The W and is inside The W hotel. The bar is in SOHO so it is very central. We both decided to take a tequila shot and a drink, I ordered a gin tonic and Vendela decided to take a mojito. The drinks, atmosphere and people really could no havet been better.


I would definitely recommend everyone to go to this bar! it is sometimes hard to get in but if you are there early and dress up you will get in for sure!


Selfridges shopping tips

I know some of my friends just hate shopping at big shopping malls or department store because they think they are too big and there are just too many people inside. Therefor I decided to do a little shopping tips guide for my readers to help you stay positive when shopping. These tips are specific for Selfridges but you can most likely use them wherever in the world you are.

  1. Bring friends or family. I find it so much more fun and helpful bringing a friend or my sister when I go shopping at Selfridges. Your friends will help you when trying out clothes, shoes or bags and you have someone to talk to during the shopping session.
  2. Knowing what you want. I know this might sound hard, however if you know that you need a new pair of jeans just go to that part of the store. Do not just walk around in the fragrance department on ground floor. Go directly to the jeans department.
  3. Food Food Food, usually shopping can make you tired and make you loose all your energy. I there for recommend you to either go to the rooftop restaurant or Aubaine cafe to have something to eat. I believe these two restaurant have the best food at Selfridges but if you just want something small to snack on there is a food hall with everything you can think of.
  4. Stay hydrated make sure you drink a lot of water before and during the shopping, you do not want to shop if you have a headache. For those over 18 there is a bar on ground floor where you can go and have a glass of champagne.

How beautiful is the Christmas decoration at Selfridges right now?

Two pictures of the food hall!

First picture is the bar on first floor, and the second one is Aubaine.

Interview with the king of sunglasses – Style 2 story

Sunglasses has always been a hugh part of my life. However, there is actually a reason to why I love sunglasses. The story goes way back to 1960, the year my dad was born. His parents (Edith and Edward) decided to start up a company in Sweden called EGO, E for Edith and Edward, G for Gezang and O for Optical. After the company was founded it started to increase there sales. Already year 1980 they had sold over 100,00 frames of the brand Lacoste, this was a success. I have there for decided to do a Q&A interview style with my dad to hear his story of this successful firm.


(Picture from Ronald Gezang’s LinkedIn) –> Ronald Gezang – Press on the link to come to his LinkedIn page.

When did you start working at EGO?

I started working at EGO almost directly after I was born. I was always with my parents on working trips and my parents would bring me to the office and warehouse every single day. As my parents used to say, year 1960 they had two children, me and EGO. Around the dinner table business was always discussed. However, the first real job I had at EGO was at 13 years old, packing orders for all the custumers at the warehouse.

What is your role at EGO?

After 10 years at the warehouse I started working more and more at the office together with my mom and dad. Learning more about the brands we designed frames for,  how the business sector is built up and how to do business. After many years of learning I am currently the CEO of the company.

Did you always know you wanted to work with sunglasses?

I have always had that in mind but it was not a clear decision. It was an easy way in to the working life but not something I have always wanted to do.

What is your favourite brand out of the brands EGO design for?

I would say my current favourite brand we design frames for is Balmain. The reason to that is because the design is very elegant and classy. Also, that type of brand is the brand we as a company are looking for.

Favourite sunglasses?


These are three of my favourite ones. They are designed for a danish brand called Day Birger Mikkelsen and can be found in London at the Day store.

I hope you guys enjoyed this Q&A with my dad. He is such a inspiration to my life and there for I decided to do a short interview Q&A style with him.







Handbags I bought in London

I hope you guys know by know that I am addicted to fashion. A handbag is a girls best friend. Since I love to go out for dinner and lunch with friends here in London I always want to find new fabulous handbags with good quality. I must say I definitely find London to be the best city to buy handbags in since the assortment is extremely large. Furthermore, I believe Harrods have the best selection when looking for bags.


This blue bag with silver detailing is from Stella Mccartney and is perfect when you need to bring you laptop with you – bought at Selfridges 24726907_10213052229773158_1386762550_n

This small Black bag with a scull is from Zadig and Voltaire and is perfect for a night out with friends. – Bought at Selfridges


This black small Givenchy bag is my favourite purchase out of them all. It is perfect for dinner and a night out with friends. – Bought at Harrods


And finally, this beige Balenciaga bag which I usually use when I am at university since it can fit a lot of necessary things. – Bought at Harrods

Which one do you like the most? comment down bellow!

Sunglasses collection – Slideshow

These are my collection of sunglasses that I have here in London, some of them I bought here in London and some of them I brought from home. Kenzo, Balmain,  Day Birger Mikkelsen and Ivana Helsinki are the brands of the sunglasses. Some of these sunglasses you have seen in previous posts, however I thought you guys wanted to see my whole collection


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pink – Kenzo

Black and white – Kenzo

Round white marble – Balmain

Cat eye marble – Day Birger Mikkelsen

Round blue – Ivana Helsinki

Round brown – Ivana Helsinki

Transparent – Kenzo

If you want to find these sunglasses here in London I would suggest to go to either Selfridges, Liberty or harrods.

Winter wonderland – inner London theme park – Video

Last weekend me and my friends went to Winter wonderland which is a theme park in the city of London. Winter wonderland takes place from the middle of November until January 1. The whole theme park is built up in Hyde Park which means that it is very easy to get there. The easiest way to get to Winter wonderland is to take the tube or walk. I would not recommend anyone to take uber/black cab since the traffic is crazy around Hyde park. Since I live in Marylebone, it took me 10 minutes to walk down to the park.


It does not cost anything to get in you can just go there to see the beautiful Christmas decorations and visit there Christmas market with different stands selling everything from chocolate to hats and small souvenirs. The reason me and my friends went there was because we wanted to try there mulled wine and eat a hot dogs and just enjoy some quality time together.

Here is a video I made for you guys to get a better vibe to see how the vibe is there.

BALMAIN sunglasses



IMG_0640ssss(Last picture borrowed from Balmain website)

69 S Audley St, Mayfair, London W1K 2QZ – Balmain store

Balmain is an extremely famous fashion brand that makes high fashion clothing. They work with famous models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Their clothing is very expensive but for sure worth the money if you would to buy something from them.

Below in the slideshow you can find a picture of Olivier Rousteing who is the creative director for Balmain. Fun fact about Olivier is that he actually was adopted by a couple when he was one years old.

The sunglasses I am wearing on the pictures are from Balmain. They are a round model with white marble frame with gold details and just regular dark lenses. Balmain sunglasses are not so easy to find in London. I would recommend everyone to go to different online websites such as Farfetch to find them. You could try at the Balmain store on 69 S Audley St in Mayfair.

If you are interested in Sunglasses and eyewear stay tuned because there will soon be a blogpost about my dad who works with Balmain to design there sunglasses and eyewear. I will make sure it will be up by Wednesday.

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